Small Kitchen Appliances That You Need

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Personally, I have a small kitchen which means that small kitchen appliances are extremely useful to me. From fitting on the countertop while using them, to safely storing them away after use, here are 7 small kitchen appliances that you need. Keep in mind that you can also pay for any of these appliances through a payment plan set up by the company.

1. Single Serve Coffee Maker

Who doesn’t like a freshly brewed cup of coffee? Whichever way you drink yours, you need a way to brew it. Most times, with an ordinary coffee brewer, you end up making too much coffee. The coffee makers that use pods can also be very expensive.

2. Vacuum Sealer

We all love to shop sales and deals. Sometimes The deal is just too well to not take advantage of it. If you’ve purchased too much meat and you aren’t sure exactly what to do with it this may be the solution for you. Simply use one of the vacuum seal bags that come with the stainless steel system and store your meat in the freezer until you need it.

3. Indoor Grill / Air Fryer

Grilling indoors can’t be safer with this indoor grill. This is a smart grill and air fryer. All you need to do is select the type of food that you are cooking and presto! You have a perfect meal waiting for you. Not to mention that it’s both a grill and an air fryer so you can save some space in your kitchen.

4. Food Processor

Buy this professional-grade food processor that comes with three different tips for diverse use. Use either the chopping blade to simplify the prep work and make it go quicker, the dough blade is used to mix pizza, cookie, bread, or any other dough of your choosing, the slice & shred disk is for your cheeses and favorite vegetables.

5. Digital Air Fryer

Maybe you already have a grill and you’re just in the market for an air fryer. If that’s the case then maybe you want to take a look at this air fryer. This product by NuWave has a 10-quart food basket so that you can cook large meals at a time. The food basket is also dishwasher-safe for a fast and efficient clean-up.

6. Portable Blender

This is a rechargeable, portable blender that can hold up to 12 0z. of whatever you would like. Instead of pre-blending your smoothie before the gym, quickly blend it right before, or after your workout so that it tastes fresh and creamy.

7. Egg Cooker

Do you want to boil some eggs for tomorrow’s lunch, but you also have many other chores to do? This two-tier egg cooker will help you out. Put however many eggs you would like to cook onto the tray and let the cooker do its magic.

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