Creative Engagement Photos: Follow Your Heart

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You and your fiancé are getting married soon and you want everything to turn out the way you always dreamed it would: engagement party, wedding, honeymoon, etc. You want to be original because you are not interested in doing what everyone else does. You are organizing the engagement party and you are already thinking about that photo session. You and your fiancé want to get CREATIVE ENGAGEMENT PHOTOS that reflect the uniqueness of the bond you have. The key to achieving this is to focus on what you really want because that is what will set you apart from other couples. Plus, your photos will look more authentic, sincere, and romantic.

Getting Started

Start by taking care of the clothes you two are going to wear, keep in mind that our clothes speak about us. If you want you can dress following the same style, that is to say, to be combined. If you don’t like that idea, simply dress each one of you the way you want. You can choose a formal style, rocker, street style, etc. The important thing is that this style is a true reflection of you, this way the photoshoot will develop naturally. Also keep in mind the fashion accessories that highlight your personality: shoes, jewelry, hair accessories, etc.


If you two want to get CREATIVE ENGAGEMENT PHOTOS, those images should reflect the attitude you have towards life. Whether you are romantic, serious, or funny the pictures should capture your personality. Don’t pretend to be someone else. If you show yourselves as you are, those pictures will reflect the creativity you are looking for. The setting for engagement photos should be unusual: street artwork, a museum facade, an old house, etc.

You can choose any other cityscape that inspires you. You will look relaxed and the photoshoot will look natural.

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