Are You Planning A Wedding This Year?

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Despite everything that is going in the world, we are still planning weddings. This year, you may have to be a little bit more creative when it comes to getting married.

As we all know, there are still some restrictions in place. For instance, depending on where you are in the world, you may not be able to have as many guests as you would like. Remember that not all wedding venues will be operating to their maximum capacity.

Still, there are some things that are a must. For instance, why not splash out a little bit extra on a special wedding dress?

When you are looking for a wedding dress designer who stands out in a crowd, you should check out Augusta Jones.

An Augusta Jones wedding dress is packed with creative design. Also. Augusta Jones designs wedding dresses for all shapes and sizes. You don’t have to be super skinny to fit into an Augusta Jones wedding dress.

What else do you need for that ultimate wedding? Needless to say, you need a bridal bouquet. Unfortunately, there is a shortage of certain flowers that are popular with brides. But, there is always a solution. What you can do, is add feathers to your bouquet.

One of the most beautiful feathers to add to a bridal bouquet is the peacock feather. Peacock feathers can really set the colors of flowers ablaze. Don’t forget that there are many different colors of peacocks. You can even get white peacocks to fit in with your wedding theme.

Yes, weddings may be more restrictive this year, but there are a million ways you can make your special day into the dream wedding day that you have always dreamed about. Once you have got your Augusta Jones wedding dress and your pretty bouquet, you are bound to feel and look a million dollars.

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