7 Amazing Boots ALL Men Should Have – 2021

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It’s the start of the new year and that means looking at reinvesting in yourself. If you’re someone that likes a good pair of boots and have maybe realized yours have worn down a bit, we’ve got you covered.

These 7 Amazing Boots are what just about every man should have in their home for this year. While they’re all great visually and have a cool factor to them, they’re all incredibly functional and will get the job done for years and years to come.

1. Rapid Response Rb 8" Ct [reebok Work]

While they’re most known for their sneakers, Reebok should not be overlooked when it comes to their work boots. These tough and durable shoes have incredible traction that makes them slip-proof to virtually anything out there. Plus they as tough and long-lasting as they come.

2.A7282 [avenger]

If you want a shoe that’s going to keep you safe no matter what you’re doing, the Avenger’s A7282 is what you need. Made with dense full-grain leather and Lenzi’s puncture-resistant plates, you won’t worry about anything cutting your feet at the bottom or wearing at your feet from the top.

3.Axel Ankle Boot [territory Boots]

A super heavy-duty boot, unlike the rest, these shoes handle just about anything you throw at it. Offered in 4 different color options, these boots have a genuine leather face and a round-toe silhouette that is meant for harsh weather and climates.

4.6-inch Work Flex Comp Toe Work Boot [carhartt]

Meant for the long haul, these rugged boots are made from super durable leather so you can push on where other boots falter. Not only that but they’re made with supportive comfort in mind so you can press on without constantly needing to “adjust” your feet.

5.A7542 Carbon Nanofiber Comp Toe Eh [avenger]

Another awesome boot by Avenger, these work boots are perfectly balanced in interior comfort, safety foot-and-toe protection, and slip-resistance. This means you will truly be able to move all day in these boots no matter if it’s the blazing hot desert of Nevada or the snowy tundra of Alaska. Not only that, but they have no exposed metal and are entirely security friendly.

6.6" Premium Waterproof Boot [timberland]

If you know anything about Timberland boots, you know that they DEFINITELY had to be on this list at least once. These guys have been the defining work boot for over 40 years and there’s a reason for it. With tough performance leather faces, complete water protection, and incredible support, these are a must-have for all men.

7.Chilkat Iv [the North Face]

Offered in 3 different options, these winter boots are for those that are constantly battling in snowy conditions and need something truly reliable on their side. With ‘Heatseeker’ insulation and a waterproof TPR shell, these will keep you dry and warm no matter how much snow you push through.

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